Thursday, May 13, 2010

Truly, It's Painless...

OK, gentle readers...just a mild warning...this has not been a good day for your faithful correspondent...

Worry not, I will spare you from any hideous details or ear-burning rants...but I cannot help put pose this query: What is it with men and PHONEBOOKS????

Twice in one day (that being, today) I have been placed in a disadvangateous position because certain males seem not to be acquainted with the concept of telephone directories. For any one who needs to know, these are annually distributed, carefully compiled lists of various businesses (not to mention residences) and even--gasp--professional offices! and their corresponding phone numbers. Who knew?!?

The paper versions are not exactly high-tech but they remain very effective ways of learning phone numbers, and they are even free! I may need to check with a sociologist about this, but I will go out on a limb and say, to the best of my knowledge, consulting a phonebook...i.e., perusing with your own eyes and letting your very own "fingers do the walking" ... does not in any way diminish a man's virility, masculine prowess or mystique [wait, the mystique thing is a feminine facet...Venus and Mars, or is the other way around?)

ANYway, use of a phonebook is a useful and gender-neutral practice...not like eating quiche or *shudder* asking for directions...

With a bow to the old Midas Muffler television commercials, I say, "Yah PHONEBOOK!!! Use it!!!"

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