Monday, May 24, 2010


24 May 2010

[Andy Rooney voice] Have you ever wondered how sometimes the news you’ve been waiting to hear can creep in so quietly that it barely registers at first?

Maybe it’s a matter of too many kettles whistling on the range at the same time…maybe it’s a function of too much water under the bridge or atrophied attention span…it really doesn’t matter, because answers are answers, even when they don’t hit you over the head.

This was our answer this morning as Ben and I sat in Dr. B’s office: “Well, what should I do with you? You don’t have diabetes now. You see here, your A1C is 5.5 [needs to be 6 or above for DM1 diagnosis]and that means you don’t have diabetes.”

So we’re all done?

“Yes, I don’t think I need to send you to anyone else, because you no longer have diabetes. You had stress diabetes. “

The diabetes part of Ben's journey has run from January 2009 until, officially, today, May 2010. He's had no insulin for 10 months, since July 2009.

When we got home, the kids and I sat in the living room and bowed our heads before the Lord to thank Him, and praise Him with lifted hands, for being Ben’s Healer and our never-changing Rock.

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