Monday, October 18, 2010

When the Answer Comes in Tears

I asked the Lord today to soften my heart over a situation for which, I fear, I am growing hard-hearted; a hardened heart, even as a response to authentic hurts, is not something to give quarter is insidiously destructive, cloaked in justification.

I think it's only realistic to acknowledge this visitor, when it comes calling. But don't put out the Welcome mat. It seems to quickly grow tendrils, which morph into fetters.

So when the tears kept trailing down, as I eased the car into dusky evening traffic, I was only momentarily mystified. This was,appparently, my answer.

I've heard it said that tears cleanse the soul, and even that God puts our tears in His bottle [Psalm 56:8].

I suspect tears also lubricate the heart.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010



"We interrupt this broadcast to bring you the following special report..."

As of last evening, a new presence has been noted on Glen Abbey Drive, in the fair hamlet of Loves Park, Illinois...

Editor: Ben Holliday, I have been officially informed that if I want any credible information about the new black sedan resting coyly in a certain driveway, that you--and you alone-- are the Source to query…can you help me?

Ben: Indubitably! I am, without question, the proud new owner of a 1999 Chevy Cavalier!

Ed.: Surely you jest!

Ben: Do I look like a jester? Wait--DON'T answer that...where were we?

Ed.: I think I've lost the thread, too...well, what color is the new chariot?

Ben: Sleek Black…

Ed.: To match your sleek hair, right?

Ben: My hair’s not black.

Ed: OK, well, work with me here…we’ll call it VexCon Black. Ben Holliday! You have your own car! That’s outstanding!

Ben: It is, isn’t it? It looks quite well on me, don’t you think?

Ed: Well, I haven’t seen you in it, but black flatters everyone. Not that you're like, I mean, there's no one like you,'re...well, you're YOU! When did you make this spectacular purchase?

Ben: October 2 of 2010 I finally decided between the two runners-up of my Car Capade…it was down to the Cavalier or a 2001 Plymouth Neon…in a weird kind of maroon color…not quite as cool.

Ed: Is this your first self-owned vehicle?

Ben: Yup! …and it feels like a big accomplishment…it’s like a manhood milestone kind thing, you know to go from non-car ownership to finally having my own wheels.

Ed.: But, be honest, dude, you had to have shed a secret tear or two to know that you were leaving that smokin’ hot, chick-magnet Dodge Caravan behind…

Ben: Hmmmmm... to be honest, I really liked the minivans, plenty of room to haul around the whole circus, you know, but, at long last, it was time for a change and athe Cavalier was the perfect change for me.

Ed.: Do you have certain “Look” you sport when behind the wheel? You know, a certain set of shades, a particular Billy-the-Exterminator bandana, a chilled thermos of M&Ms, or anything?

Ben: When behind the wheel, I sport my Vexcon bandana, a pair of sunglasses (one of my vast collection) and , of course, my Trademark Crooked Grin. And when people on the street see me whiz by, the think to themselves, ‘there goes Ben Holliday, an American Legend.’

Ed.: I'm feeling faint...