Monday, October 18, 2010

When the Answer Comes in Tears

I asked the Lord today to soften my heart over a situation for which, I fear, I am growing hard-hearted; a hardened heart, even as a response to authentic hurts, is not something to give quarter is insidiously destructive, cloaked in justification.

I think it's only realistic to acknowledge this visitor, when it comes calling. But don't put out the Welcome mat. It seems to quickly grow tendrils, which morph into fetters.

So when the tears kept trailing down, as I eased the car into dusky evening traffic, I was only momentarily mystified. This was,appparently, my answer.

I've heard it said that tears cleanse the soul, and even that God puts our tears in His bottle [Psalm 56:8].

I suspect tears also lubricate the heart.

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