Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sales Assistant-NOT!

Bon Soir, gentle readers-

Today is the first day of my biannual garage sale...and we are appropriately tired, but our cashbox is noticeably heavier.

I have several "unique" observations about this whole endeavor, but those will have to wait until the energy meter needle is not in the 'red zone.'

Tonight, I will limit myself to Today's Hard-Won Life Lesson:

* Think a few hundred times before allowing any strong-willed offspring to "assist" [and I use the term VERY loosely] at any effort aimed at earning the CHC* (cold hard cash).

Whatever could I mean?

Well, despite "pre-activity encouragement" about proper "sales floor" behavior, the following are a few slice-of-life snippets...freshly baked today-a.k.a. Little Miss Caesar, raw and uncut, all in an embarrassingly too-loud voice:

* "Mommy, look, I think that lady must be a grandma--at LEAST a grandma!"

* "Well, why aren't they even buying anything?!?!" [my restraining hand was extended in the nick of time to halt her pursuit...]

* "Look! Here comes that one lady again-I hope she has her money."

* "Hey! That lady is buying everything--she's selling us out!!! Why is she doing that? That Littlest Pet Shop was supposed to be MINE!"

Well, you get the is never dull. And, even in the moment, I realize these little quotable quotes will be humorous as soon as the real-time embarrassment has dimmed. Thankfully, some of the older patrons today seemed a bit hard of hearing.

However, that was of no comfort when I turned to see Miss Cee merrily zipping around the garage, piling sale items into a toy shopping cart...and strolling away.

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