Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Surprise


I marked another birthday this week; it's been quite some time since my birthdays were sources of youthful cheer for me, although I'm thankful for each day the Lord ordains for me.

Previously, I blogged briefly about 'what the doorknob held' this past Father's Day. My birthday this Thursday shared something in common...namely, a thoughtful and entirely unexpected gift from our oldest son. I felt badly that he had spent already limited funds on anything for me, but can only value the thought and intentionality. The gift bag contained hazelnut coffee, an eco-friendly commuter mug, and chocolate. And a card.

After thanks and a hug, I was able to wait until he left before the tears came. The steps on this parenting road are usually unpredictable at this stage, virtually never easy (too boring!!), and--it should go without saying--NOT for the faint of heart.

I've also noticed that, though there is no recollection of ever having "signed up" for all that is entailed, there seems to be no "parachute clause," either...

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