Thursday, September 30, 2010


Miss Cee: "MOM!!!! When were you born?"

Moi: "July 9!!"

Miss Cee: "No, I mean WHEN!!!!!!!"

Moi: "I think it was a Tuesday."

Miss Cee: "No, Mommy."

Ben: "OK, Cec, Mom was born in 1700."

Miss Cee: "Really? Where is that page? I have to fill stuff in on my Timeline book for school."

Ben: "OH-HO! heh-heh"

Miss Cee: "These are all 19s..."

Ben: "OK, maybe it was really, when the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock...see here, this little guy with the funny hat?"

Miss Cee: "Well, Mommy doesn't wear a hat like that..."

Ben: "Yeah, but I think she likes rock."

Miss Cee: Is THAT on the timeline?

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