Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Tenth Inning...with John Daniel

John, Ben, and their Esteemed Sire have just returned from the Cubs-Brewers game in Milwaukee...they are tired, but still smiling. "Cubs Win!!!"

John: "But only by one point."

Ben: "John, a win is a win."

Dad: "Still a W, buddy, just remember that."

So, how was your first Major League Baseball game experience, Mr. John Daniel, part-time reluctant film reviewer and full-time Cubs and Bears fan???

John: "Well, it was fun, but Mom..."


John: "There were a LOT of DRUNK people up there!"

Well, that's bound to happen at an evening game in Milwaukee, you know, buddy, they don't call it Suds City for nothing....

"Huh? Well, anyway, when one of the Cubs got a home run I was jumping up and down and cheering and clapping."

Sounds reasonable...

John: "But not everyone was..."

Well, Little Man, remember, you were in Enemy Territory...

John: "No, it wasn't just that...this guy was really...I think Dad calls it 'sheets to the wind' or something...just really too many beers...and he was gettin' mad at me and saying a lot of bad words at me..."

Hmmm, not cool...

John: "But it may have partly been because when we won I started cheering and pointing at him."

Um, did DAD know you were doing that?

[ignoring the foregoing question]- "Well, the other guy was telling me the Bears would never make it to the Super Bowl again...and he kept saying the F-bomb..."

Oh, lovely! Probably because you were proudly wearing your Bears hoodie up there in PackerLand, huh?!

John: "Well, he was just *shrug* giving me lip because he doesn't know who the best team is..."

Well, you know, when anyone starts Giving You Lip, it's time to mind your Ps and Qs...

John: "Peas?"

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