Thursday, August 20, 2009

What He Does...

It's a blessing to realize you live with someone who is, occasionally at least, a source of Wisdom.

Not long ago, I came to the end of an unusually trying and discouraging day. As in, "boy, am I having A Day." Friends nod sympathetically; no one needs a definition.

Such days contain more stress and unanticipated How-Can-This-Be-Happening than any self-respecting 24-hour unit should contain. One climbs into bed more than depleted: it feels as if months of effort and persistence were consumed just to finally arrive at bedtime.

Mustering my last reserves to drag my other foot into bed, I turned to my semi-somnolent mate.

"Hey. I'm just wondering."


"I'm just feeling like...well, do you REALLY think God hears your prayers? All the time? Like, even at times like this?..."

A moment of silence and then familiar crinkly eyes squinted at me over his shoulder.

"Yes. He does."

"Are you Sure-Sure?"

A tired smile and nod. "Yes. He does. It's what He does. I don't understand it. And He doesn't hear me because I think He does. He does because of Who He is. He just does."

Hmmmm. Well, that's what I was thinking-and-hoping; but I didn't feel so sure.

Once again, move the lens off of myself and my Day and focus it back on The One Who Hears. And Sees It All.

It's what He does.

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