Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blazing New Trails in the Professional World


In today's economy, it's wise to be innovative, think 'outside the box,' and be willing to take risks...especially when it comes to bringing home the ol' bacon.

As some notable entrepreneurs have proven, sometimes the most unlikely concepts lead to veritable gold mines...[think Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak...the 3M engineer who created Post-It notes...the culinary genius who concocted hazelnut coffee syrup...well, you see what I mean.]

And, it pays to keep your eyes peeled, because you just never know what possibilities might be lurking nearby...perhaps even as close as the kitchen sink!!

Scene: Holliday kitchen, sometime earlier today. Unsuspecting matriarch converses with patriarch on phone, oblivious to the suspicious silence now reigning...


Miss Cee: [slipping through the French doors to flag my attention], well...

Moi: [alarmed to notice her reddened, tear-filled eyes and quivering chin] WHAT? What's the matter?!?!

Miss Cee: Um, Mommy, I really, really didn't mean it...[*danger! danger!, Will Robinson!*]

She reluctantly leads me to the kitchen...the Kitchen Sink, actually...where wickedly jagged shards of tempered glass are strewn about the sink. My French press is now history.

Moi: Hmmmm....what happened here?

Miss Cee: It slipped and...I...*sobs*

Moi: Well, what do you think about this?

Miss Cee: I...I...shouldn't have...Mommy, I am so, so sorry. It was an ACCIDENT!

Moi: Well, accidents happen, but why were you fiddling around in the sink when we've talked about this a "Few" times before?

Miss Cee: I just like to....I was being a Bubble Scientist...and I really LIKE to be a bubble scientist!!!!

Seen in this light, I guess a broken carafe is minor collateral damage incurred during "cutting edge" [I couldn't help myself] Research and Development.

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  1. Tell Miss Cee that Mrs. K. is already on press #3 after breaking both of the first two all by her grownup self. And that hers didn't include any science at all -- just clumsiness. DRK :)