Monday, June 22, 2009

What the Doorknob Held...

You Just Never Know....

....and I generally think that is a very good thing. In fact, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have it any other way. Over the past several months, especially, I've tried fairly consistently to have low--or no--expectations. The hoped-for advantages are that (1) I am less likely to find myself being 'set up;' and (2) I am more likely to find myself discovering Happy Surprises. At least, that's my Working Theory for now.

Today held a Happy Surprise.

Pulling into the driveway after dropping the Benster off for his work shift at Perfect Frame, I spied a black bag hanging from the knob of the frontdoor. Too small for a garbage bag; too stiff to be a shopping bag. But, nonetheless, a bag, hanging from string handles. Hmmmm.

Inside, I opened the front door and found wedged between it and the storm door, dangling from the well-worn knob...a gift bag. Black. Which should have been a tip-off.

Lying on top of the contents was a of those photos-of-little-kids-being-cutesy cards...or, in this case, being Cheeky. Little boy with one chubby hand down the back of his diaper. Inside sentiment: "It's your day! If you have an itch, scratch it! Happy Father's Day"
Signed: "Love, David"

So, you just never know.

After so long and so much with this young man, neither of us had any expectation at all about Father's Day yesterday, other than for Bill to acknowledge that this is not the easiest of holidays anymore, between the protracted heartache with David over these years, and the passing of his dad last April.

Under the card was a set of Chicago Cubs pajamas...which took some thought, time, and expense.

After the double-take, Bill shook his head for a moment. It's a small sign of caring. Nothing to blow out of proportion, but nothing to ignore, either.

You just never know.

But God knows.

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  1. That's cool! Just when we start getting cynical...God throws us a curve huh?