Sunday, June 21, 2009

Family Relations

Of Dads....

I am greatly blessed to have a wonderful dad, whom I was able to spend part of this Father's Day with. I love you, Dad!

I am married to God's greatest blessing to me, the wonderful, godly, committed, sacrificially loving father of my five children. I love you, Bill!

Of Big Brothers...

I am the oldest of two girls. But I always thought it would be quite advantageous to have an older brother [perhaps I thought this because I didn't have one!!] In my rosy view, Big Bro could watch out for me, drive me around, have cute friends over, listen and share pithy nuggets of wisdom (when asked)...

However, I have gradually learned that some of those who actually are blessed with male siblings times, unappreciative....

Percolator (moi): Ah, Cecily, you are so blessed to have THREE, handsome older brothers!! I think it would be so nice to even have ONE! Aren't you lucky?

Miss Cee: [incredulous scowl, followed by dead serious pronouncement] - NOT so lucky!

Would she care to elaborate?

*vehement shaking of head!*

But, it seemed like such a good idea at the time!

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