Monday, July 19, 2010

Say What?

Overheard at Peak Sports Club...mere minutes ago...OR...
Ben Gains Further Practical Insight Into Parental Aggravation

Voice of [presumably hunky]Lifeguard over PA system: OK, time's up...everyone who's not an adult, time to get out...Time for Adult Swim...

Ben [trying to wrangle Miss Cee, who is blissfully ignoring undesirable instructions]: Cec! Cecily! It's time to get's Adult Swim time...

Miss Cee [sputtering]:

Ben: Didn't you hear the lifeguard? It's Adult Swim! We have to get out now?

Miss Cee [disbelieving]: What's adult swim?

Ben: [perturbed]: It's time when only adults can swim...

Miss Cee [cocking her head as if to say, 'And your point is...?]: Yeah?

Ben: Adult swim time! You're not an adult!

Miss Cee [indignant now]: I can SO be an adult!!!

Ben: NOT YET!!!

John: WHAT a RIP-off!!!

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