Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lost in Insomnia Land...

a.k.a. The Land of the Living Dead, but that, perhaps, is taking it a bit too far...

However, the whispered rumors you may have heard are true...Your Faithful Correspondent seems to be developing Swiss Cheese Brain at an alarming rate, and it seems to be not wholly coincidental with my recent tenure on Lunesta...there's always a kink somewhere...

Thus far, I have taken a stab at the following remedies...if you know of any Olde Wives that may have other 'tried and true' remedies...please send me their links!!!!!!!!!

* cold chocolate milk
* no Real coffee after 12 noon
* turkey coldcuts [can you say TRYPTOPHAN?]
* riding 8 miles on a cardio bike at 9 pm [while watching Cake Boss, of course...I feel less "deprived" that way...]
* warm chocolate milk
* wine [danger! danger!]
* OTC Unisom (virtually a placebo)
* staying up late and not being able to get up early....not exactly a solution
* not obsessing about my missing bicuspid and the "hillbilly" taunts from the Fruit(s)of My Womb---I am in the middle of a dental implant saga...but that's for another blog post....but, of course!
* tepid chocolate milk
* Valerian Root herbal tablets....the jury's still out on the efficacy of this one, although Mr. Bill is still sleeping like a log....but, wait! he doesn't have insomnia to begin with...perhaps if there were a way to withdraw some of his Perfect Somnolence Adult Male Elixir and make it into a smoothie for myself.....
* endless reading....

Actually, I just yawned now, but it's only 5:24 p.m.

---To Be Continued in Future Wakeful Moments---

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  1. For me , when the wave of fatigue hits, go to bed, no matter what time it is. And when I wake up and cannot get back to sleep, I do not lie there for hours ,I get up and do something until fatigue hits again.
    Personally, I hate it. Makes me mental.