Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Cyber Step...


It is Wednesday night, 29 April 2009, and I am "stepping off the curb," so to speak, into the brave new-ish world (at least to me!) of blogdom.

My foray into the 'blog realm' began this past December, when our second son, Benjamin, became gravely ill, and a family care specialist suggested we avail ourselves of the free '' service to blog updates, prayer requests, etc. to those interested in such updates.

Now, four months later, Ben has made a wonderful recovery, (although with a few new conditions that will affect his future somewhat), and it seems that the original purpose(s) of the hospital blog are considerably diminished. We are so very grateful for this, for the amazing support we were gifted with from so many, and especially the way the Lord answered prayer "beyond anything we could ask or imagine." [Ephes. 3:20]

Hence, I am taking the suggestion of one of the faithful blog readers (thanks, Jan!) and giving this a try. We will see how it goes. Although I made an earnest effort to post at least once almost every day on our BenHollidayRunner blog, I do not foresee such frequent posts here. Thankfully, life for us has gotten a bit less "interesting."

But, if you're reading this, thanks for your interest.

See you soon-

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