Thursday, January 19, 2012

Too Horizontal

New entry for the "Novel Approaches to Unemployment" file:

No names will be given to protect the...horizontal...;however, this minor episode was A New One On Me. A particular young adult male in residence here has been unemployed for a couple of months. It is a tough economic and employment environment here, more so than in some areas of the country. To date, his attempts to secure employment have resulted in only one, unsuccessful interview. Curiously, because he has a smart phone, he has the luxury of trawling the internet and submitting various employment applications online...from the horizontal position in bed! And here was I, not so many years ago, actually wearing out shoe leather!!

From time to time, thoughtful friends of mine have forwarded job leads to me, to pass on to this unemployed relative of mine. Today was another example. This time, the lead was for an opportunity promising hard work, tough hours, and decent pay: a third-shift position at the nearby Chrysler assembly plant. Who knows if it's a long shot but at this point, it is folly to pass up any opportunities from my viewpoint.

So, after reading this e-mail, I went upstairs to address the Still-Horizontal [it is 2:43 pm, CST] Unemployed Resident to pass along this news.

"How do you know this, Mom?"

Well, because it was e-mailed to me, and still is on the screen if you want to run downstairs and take a look at it.

But, going vertical after so many hours of being horizontal, might be a challenge.

"Just e-mail it to me."

That way, there's no need to disturb the horizontal perspective, or exert any extra modicum of effort. Gack.

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  1. Gotta say, I am chuckling out loud.
    Really, Mom, how could you know this? - you don't have a smart phone!:-)