Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Return of the Unwelcome Guest


As I have been (too say the least) a negligent correspondent here, I don't expect many readers here, but to those of you who happen upon this update, I appreciate you.

Over the past several weeks, we've become aware that Ben's blood glucose levels have been, shall we say, misbehaving...he had begun testing on his own since he wasn't feeling well, and we didn't even know he had any test strips, etc., let alone that there was any need.

But, need there is, and it is an unhappy development. Also not so happy has been the fact that it has taken us 6 weeks to be able to see an adult endocrinologist here. Evidently, we don't have enough doctors in this specialty here in Rockford, and those several must be overloaded...of course, everything seems urgent to we parents with ailing offspring, and it is a reminder just how frustrated, impatient, self-focused and ignorant of others we can be (or I am) when bumping into a situation like this.

Feeling out of control and that his body is somehow back to this condition has been, understandably but painfully, hard for Ben to accept. He is two years older now than when he first encountered this diagnosis, and it doesn't get better with time (well, other than wine, what does?!?!?)

After a few weeks or loguing blood sugar (BS) readings and an hour or so with a diabetes educator last week, as we wait for our MD appt. on Jan. 21, we are processing the fact that Ben again meets medical criteria for this diagnosis. The doctor, who has reviewed Ben's chart ahead of our actual appt., seems to think it possible that he is actually a Type II diabetic, rather than the Type I diagnosis he originally received in the hospital in January 2009. Maybe these conditions 'morph'....who knows?

In any event, this morning Ben is not well, and so after faxing his new numbers to the doc, he will be starting on a low dose of Lantus at bedtime tonight.

We appreciate any prayer support, and the encouragement we've already received.


  1. Kind of a hard thing, we only want the best for our kids. Praying for continued healing.

  2. Many thanks! Not sure who you are, but I do appreciate you!