Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Percolator Interviews John Daniel, Definitive Walking Example of Savoir Faire

Percolator Editor: Good Evening, Mr. Daniel. And what brings you here?

JD: Well, it’s been a while, and I knew you needed to boost your readership.

PE: Um, well, thanks for that. You’re so thoughtful.

JD: Thank you. I mean, you’re welcome.

PE: Well, the talk of the town has been the Benster’s Graduation Open House, on these very premises, yesterday…do you know anything about it?

JD: Well, yeah.

PE: Were you invited?

JD: Well, the party was at my house, and I kinda live there, so…

PE: Oh, yeah, silly me…well, what was it like?

JD: There was a lot of people, so I couldn’t really move throughout the house…

PE: Oh, dear…I trust no buildng capacity codes were violated...

JD: No, we don’t have a code, whatever that is. But it just seemed kind of cramped. There was a LOT of teenagers. And, I’m gonna become one, so I just have to live with it.

PE: Such a stalwart attitude!!! But, back to the party…

JD: Well, there was a lot of food, but it just rained, so we couldn’t really play outside. And that was not too good. But, on the good side, they did have a pretty tense pool tournament going on in the basement with some of Ben’s wacky friends. Don’t tell him I said they were wacky. Andrew and Shelly kept trying to win over each other, and they kept betting that whoever won, the loser would then have to make them a lot of sandwiches…like a LOT! So, you wouldn't want to be a loser...I mean, the loser.

ED: I think I would have gone for the chocolate trophy myself, but to each his/her own.

JD: Um, that man who is waving at us...and not in a good way...through the French door...he's my dad, and he want's to get on the computer now...


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