Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rule of Thumb, Continued...

Please forgive a mini-rant, but at the moment, I think the 'rule of thumb' goes something like this: if you need a good physician, you may rest assured that his or her name will never appear in your new insurance plan network of providers. Just sayin.'

With the proviso that I truly don't know how awful it would be to have no insurance at all, I still find it aggravating that after scouring our new plan's network, most of the in-network physicans classified as surgeons seem to be in places like Downers Grove, Lombard, and for those who prefer to cross state lines, convenient garden spots such as Janesville and Mukwonago!!! None of those work for me.

Why do we need a surgeon? Well, I still hope we don't, but I think we do. This afternoon, Ben called me to pick him up after school because his thumb was really bothering him and he decided to skip track practice. I brought him home, called his primary doctor to ask what I could give him for pain, and they asked us to just come in. Ben was not 'keen' on this idea, and that's an understatement.

Anyway, after a quick look, Dr. B. said it was definitely abscessed and decided that the infected thumb is still too hard to be needle-aspirated and directed us to try and get Ben to a hand surgeon tomorrow to have the thumb drained surgically. Also, not a popular notion. But, I confess that after what we went through last year, I am anxious that we do whatever we can to minimize the possibility of another systemic infection.

So far today, Ben's glucocheck numbers have been below 150, so he hasn't needed to inject any insulin. Of course. That's because I drove across town on icy roads yesterday to get some! I'm thinking it's the 'Wash Your Car to Make It Rain' phenomenon all over again....and I've never had much of an appreciation for that anyway!

So, I'll be 'working the phones' tomorrow and trusting God for His outcomes. Ben's poor thumb (I thought about taking a photo and uploading it, but Ben really, really, really would not appreciate that now) has just been through too much lately!

In Other News, today's Quotable Quote....

"C'mon, c'cmon! Aha! Gotcha! That's five stars for me, punk! Woohoo! Don't even TRY it, punk!"

--Cecily, overheard in the stairway, engrossed in a fevered Mario Brothers battle on her Nintendo DS....and so ladylike, too........

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