Sunday, October 18, 2009


Once upon a time...

Mom [to various family members she encounters while strolling through the house]: Miss Cee is in her Bubble Lab….just lettin’ ya know, the Bubble Lab is busy, so use a different bathroom….don’t interrupt Cecily, she’s in the Bubble Lab…

Ben: Ah, yeh, thanks for the warning, Mom, heh-heh...

John: [hyperbolic eye-rolling—he must be practicing in a mirror!!] Sheeeeesh.

Alina: Ooooookay, then….

Some minutes later, at the family lunch table…

Dad: So, Cecily, I understand you’ve been busy in the Bubble Lab…

Cecily: Well, yes.

Mom: How’s progress coming on that new research?

Cecily [one imperial eyebrow arched skyward]…Huh?!

Mom: I’m just askin’, have you had any major breakthroughs?

Cecily: Well, it’s been really frustrating…

Ben [elbow to my ribs]: Mom! It’s NOT as easy as it looks! Come on, now!

John: Hey, what I want to know is-Is she REALLY allowed to use bubble bath for bubble science?

Mom: Bubbles…bubble bath…is that cheating or something?

Cecily: What cheating?!

John: Cecily! Just admit it…you WERE using bubble bath when you were pretending to give your Barbie a bath!

Cecily: It was NOT pretending, John-Jo!! It was a BUBBLE bath, as in bubbles!

Dad: Wait…you’re using bubble bath in the SINK?!

Cecily: um, no…

John: CECILY! You’re—

Cecily: I mean, not TODAY—right NOW!

Mom: Well, no, because right now you’re eating your tomato sandwich…

John: Look, IS she allowed to use bubble bath in the sink? That just seems like cheating.

Dad: Cecily, don’t use bubble bath in the sink, even for an experiment. We’re Hollidays and Hollidays don’t cheat!

The End

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